Welcome to Making Money and Traveling, my personal finance, lifestyle & travel blog 🙂

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I created this blog to help educate and empower others on how you can achieve location and financial freedom so you can travel, spend more time with family, or lay around at home in sweatpants!

The inspiration for this blog came after I had been traveling the US full-time in an RV for a year, making money online to fund my travels. One of the biggest questions I get is how I do it, and from the beginning, I knew I wanted to help others achieve similar dreams.

So far, I’ve traveled about 10,000 miles and visited 15 states a year into my journey. Learning how to travel frugally and make money online has completely changed my life and I know it will change the lives of countless others.

I hope my blog inspires you and motivates you to go after your dreams – while making and saving money along the way 🙂

Learn How to Make Money while Traveling

My RV on a beautiful, clear night in Arizona




Well, hello!

Welcome to Making Money and Traveling! I’m Carrie 🙂 On Making Money and Traveling, you will read about how to make money remotely, how to save money, and (of course) about traveling! Quitting my job to travel was the best decision I ever made and I believe it is achievable by anyone who desires to do so!


Creating a location-independent income so you can travel full-time (or work from home) is easier than you think – and you’re in the right place to learn how to do it!

Stick around to learn how to take control of your life & finances so you can live the life of your dreams!



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